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Funnel Optimization & Content Perfection

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Funnel Optimization & Content Perfection

Hylete, Inc.

HYLETE, Inc. is an ecommerce activewear company for men & women that develops and sells their own products. Founded in 2012 with a singular mission in mind: to provide innovative and quality apparel without the high price tag that usually comes with it. HYLETE is also about community, and have cultivated a highly engaged audience of athletes, influencers, investors, and veterans; with many of their products inspired and crowdfunded by their own customers.

HYLETE manages a very sophisticated email marketing funnel using Klaviyo; with new products and promotions rapidly being introduced daily, as many as 5 campaign launches every day, hundreds of customer segments to maintain, and high attrition rates. HYLETE came to Pathways Marketing for consulting to improve deliverability, increasing revenue, and decreasing attrition rates.

Top of Funnel Optimization

An Email Marketing Channel starts with the leads you bring in. HYLETE did not offer a lead generation pop-up on their website, and as a result, only 0.4% of their audience was being captured as a lead in their lists. Lead magnets can increase acquisition up to 10% or more of your total website traffic. Our Email Audit also discovered that their Welcome Series for new leads was not being triggered correctly, and thousands of users were not receiving this essential autoresponder. After correcting this, their autoresponder started earning at a rate of $1.40 per delivery. Lastly, it was discovered their Klaviyo Subscription was not optimized, and they were overpaying on their monthly subscription by $600 every month. We advised them on the best plan and corrected their subscription. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

Content Perfection

HYLETE has an incredibly active email marketing channel, with specific content being sent out every day of the week. However, a detailed analysis revealed that all content was not performing equally; with specific content performing consistently 3x better than other content. With a wealth of email history in their repertiore, we identified the most critical aspects of their most successful campaigns, and modified how their marketing calendars are made for best results.

We also did a top-to-bottom review of their marketing templates. HYLETE’s boasts a wide selection of products, community perks, and offers- and so did their campaigns. We found that campaigns dense with content lead to reader-fatigue, lower click rates, undefined calls-to-action, and a disjointed sales funnel. In conjunction with HYLETE’s marketing team, we completely overhauled their campaign launches and a dozen autoresponders, and by condensing the content in their emails, including clear value propositions, and focusing their funnel we improved user experience and sales.

Overhaul Lists & Segments

HYLETE managed hundreds of lists and segments. After performing a full list audit, we were able to archive dozens of unused lists, and divide the remaining segments into 5 meaningful groups they can manage. We also built a custom Email Preferences Page, so users can choose the cadence in which they receive emails rather than unsubscribing from a list completely.

As a result, Open Rates from Campaign Launches increased by 39.5%, Click Rates increased by 25%, and Conversion Rates by 34%.

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